Consulting Services

In addition to providing high-quality IBM Notes and Domino technology products, Avalon Business Systems Professional Services also provides a complete set of IBM Notes and Domino consulting services. Our consultants are experienced in the customization and installation of our products as well as general administration support and application development.

We have expertise in:

  • EMC - Emailxtender - SourceOne - reversal of archived mail.
  • IBM Commonstore - reversal of archived mail.
  • DAOS implementation
  • Notes system assessments
  • Decrypting encrypted mail
  • Notes mail auditing
  • Notes message tracking
  • Notes administration
  • Integration of Notes with other systems via web services.
  • Web-based and web-enabled Domino systems
  • Domino knowledge management systems
  • Domino workflow systems
  • Interfacing Domino with accounting systems such as JD Edwards
  • Project management applications
  • Interfaces of Notes with Excel and 1-2-3
  • Pdf files and graph creation
  • IBM Notes license purchase
Avalon can also analyze your business processes and determine where a IBM Notes or Domino solution may be right for you. This can help resolve difficult business challenges, as well as maximize your investment in information technology, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Avalon consultants are experienced in all phases of administration and application development, from planning and specification compilation, to testing, documentation and end user training. Our projects are delivered on time and on budget. Avalon also provides training to both administrators, developers and end users. To discuss your consulting needs, contact us at 1-201-773-8915 or write to us at