Justify Mail Management to Management

As the IBM Notes administrator, do you ever feel like management just doesn’t understand the need to do proper mail management? Do they fail to see the cost savings that go along with proper management of the servers and the ability to locate the mail when needed? The costs associated with users managing their own mail – whatever that means?

Failure to actively manage mail is a common problem. The hidden costs include:

  • wasted employee time managing their own mail - this includes both requiring sometimes highly-compensated workers to place mail in folders and battle quotas
  • costs of employee battling of quotas - local archiving of mail, mail files on thumb drives, mail forwarding to personal accounts, mail printouts and frustrated help desk calls
  • complexity and cost to comply with e-discovery requirements - reliance on back-up tapes, failure to implement a repeatable e-discovery process, etc.
  • compliance costs for regulatory and internal audits
  • unnecessarily high storage costs
  • squandered IT time responding to employee complaints of a slow or non-functional mail system
  • loss of internal company knowledge that resides in the mail datastore
What We Offer
Besides our industry-leading mail management tools, this page contains resources to help you start a conversation with management about email management. Use our ROI calculator to determine where your organization can realize savings by implementing mail management. Test drive our products to see which ones will help your organization achieve its most pressing strategic goals. Take a look at the annexed white paper to help focus your boss on the potential problem and solution.